Faith and Spiritual Life Organizations

  • Bible Studies is an extension of Focus; group members explore a book of the Bible.
  • Catholic Cardinals is for Catholic students or those interested in the Catholic faith. It includes weekly gatherings, discussion and off-campus mass.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a nondenominational Christian organization ministering through Bible studies, games, worship and fellowship.
  • Focus fosters relationships and nurtures Christ-like character through inter-denominational worship, fellowship and Bible study.
  • Muslim Student Association is an organization dedicated to engage Muslim students at North Central College to be active members of the community and the culture of the college. MSA aims to introduce the Islamic culture and the culture of Muslim majority countries to NCC students and the community to enhance the community's knowledge about Islam.
  • United Methodist Student Organization (UMSO) meets regularly for study, prayer, fellowship and service.
  • Young Life is an international nondenominational youth outreach ministry to disinterested teens. Young Life gives students of all abilities an opportunity to explore their faith through conversation, fun, community and adventure trips