Honors students on a study abroad trip.

Honors Program Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Madeline Derango


“My Honors First-year Experience (FYE) class greatly helped me to transition from high school to college. I was worried going into college that making friends would be difficult; however, with the help of a great FYE and a wonderful professor, we had already formed a tight-knit community by week one of the first term. To anyone who is thinking about applying to the College Scholars program: do it! The College Scholars program is a wonderful community full of high-achieving students. We take classes together and attend plenty of events together. We even have chocolate parties! Together, we work to grow as people both inside and outside the classroom.”

Michael Longworth

Human Resource Management and Spanish

“My first year as a part of the College Scholars Honors Program has been amazing. I didn’t expect to feel the strong sense of community that I do among my peers. The program is so welcoming to all students and promotes the importance of academics while simultaneously encouraging socialization and making connections. I’ve made lasting connections with members of the Honors program and I am thankful to be a part of the organization. I would encourage everyone who is able to join the program and see how it changes their college experience. I very much look forward to what all the Honors program has in store for me, but even more for what I can do to reap the most benefits from being a part of this prestigious organization.”

Warner Hellyer

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

“I was lucky enough to be asked to do an overnight stay at the College with the Honors program and stay in the dorm, navigate campus and participate in activities with potential future classmates. The community and belonging I felt was incredible. Everyone was so kind and comforting and so willing to help with everything. Now that I am part of the program, I most definitely enjoy being around people who share my intense desire to learn and study. My first Honors class was the Honors FYE and it was really nice because a panel of seniors came in to talk to us about their theses.. To hear so many different disciplines combine into one research thesis by one student was inspiring to see and I look forward to doing it on my own someday. While the Honors program is difficult and will challenge me greatly, that is part of the experience I wanted to be part of while at North Central. The program sets students up for nothing but success. I love seeing people in the program go abroad and come back completely changed and with new stories to share from far off places. I’m grateful for a program that will help me do that as well. The program has made me a better first-year college student and given me the resources and support to keep striving and challenging myself in my studies.”

Andrea Du

Elementary Education

“Honors FYE was worthwhile because I got to ask a lot of questions that helped me adjust to college life. We have a really nice place at Ward Residence Hall for students to study or just hang out. Being part of the Honors program gave me a place of belonging that I probably wouldn’t have had without the fun Honors activities. Additionally, the people in the Honors program have many varying viewpoints from different backgrounds and academic interests. I love getting to know this diverse community because it gives me new perspectives on issues in our society. Lastly, the faculty and staff of the Honors program are very kind and are dedicated to making the Honors program a great community.”

Senior Reflections

Josette Carpenter

Interactive Media Studies

“The honors program was the highlight of my collegiate career. From an extraordinary community of dedicated students and faculty, to unconventional courses that encourage broader thinking, to completing a thesis as an undergrad, I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I will miss the conversations, the laughter, the events and get-togethers, and most importantly, I will miss the people. The honors program made North Central into a home and is what has made me proud to be a Cardinal.”

Manilyn Gumapas


“From studying abroad at the College Scholars-exclusive program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, to hours spent preparing for History of Ideas classes, to conducting independent research and completing my thesis, to pursuing challenging scholarship opportunities, this program has encouraged me to flourish beyond any standard I set for myself. It’s been a blessing to take advantage of all these opportunities, and even more so to share them with others; College Scholars brought me to intelligent, inspiring friends from so many different disciplines and walks of life, and I cannot wait to see where we each go from here.”

Kellyn Maguire


“What I most enjoyed was the connections that I made both to students and professors. I've made lifelong memories inside the classroom and out with honors folks, and I appreciate all of it. I learned how to apply a critical eye to the world around me, and how to evaluate information from a more holistic perspective. I think I'll miss the classroom discussions the most, because those led to great learning experiences, but they also helped me develop friendships with my fellow students.”

Zachary Orban

Neuroscience, Molecular Track

“The honors program has been an essential component of my undergraduate education. It‘s exposed me to many disciplines of inquiry and has motivated me to push myself academically. Completing the honors program has made me a more well-rounded scholar, and writing my thesis has been an invaluable experience that will better prepare me for my anticipated career as a physician-scientist. I am truly grateful for pursuing the honors program, but I will miss the inherent sense of community among my fellow college scholars.”

Rachel Tucker

Organizational Communication and Jazz Studies

“The people I’ve met and the memories we’ve made have been the most rewarding aspects of my involvement in the honors program. I love the mutual understanding and appreciation we've fostered for each other. Walking around campus and constantly being met by my colleagues' 'knowing' glances has been an odd source of reassurance and encouragement over the past four years (especially in the weeks leading up to our thesis submissions). 'We get it. We support you.' No explanation required. I think that is something we take for granted. I know I’m going to miss it when we're gone.”