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Education Abroad: Application & Forms

Apply to take your education abroad


Applications for the Fall 2020 Semester due

November 10, 2019 by midnight

Deadline Extended!!!! December 1, 2019 by midnight


Applications for the Spring 2021 Semester due

April 10, 2020 by midnight

You've made it through the toughest part of the application process -- deciding on the program that is best for you. Congratulations! Your next step is to complete your North Central College education abroad application. Completing the application is easy enough, however, we suggest getting started early if you plan on having all of your supporting application documents ready in order to submit your application online by the deadline above.

Follow these steps to complete your application:

Step 1:  If you have not met with a education abroad advisor, please make an appointment with an education abroad advisor by clicking here.

Step 2:  Once you've decided on a program, email Michelle Weber ( or Rachel Birkley (, and they will launch an application for you on the application portal. They will also provide you with details on the steps and documents needed to successfully submit an application.

Step 3:  Login to your application and  please read through the application instructions, completing each requirement in the various categories. In each category of this page, you will have instructions and due dates, all of which are important.

Step 4:  Once you complete what's being asked of you in each category, and those items have been received and reviewed by an education abroad staff member, you will be able to submit your application.

  • Please note that LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION must be completed by your recommender and received online before you can officially submit your application. Therefore, please make sure you submit your Request for Electronic Recommendations well before the deadline to give your recommenders enough time to complete your recommendation.
  • Recommendation letters submitted in-person to the education abroad staff will NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Acceptance Letters

The education abroad staff reviews all applications and materials during the month of February (fall semester programs) and September (spring semester programs). Acceptance letters are emailed to students at the end of November (fall programs) and end of April (spring programs).