Field Experience

Our rigorous field experience regimen is one reason North Central’s education graduates are in such high demand. You will impact student learning during your first year in our program, and you’ll add other field experiences to your resume each subsequent year. You’ll gain invaluable firsthand knowledge, experience and confidence putting theory into practice. You will be given numerous opportunities to develop all aspects of the teaching role, with support from teacher-mentors and college supervisors who will observe your teaching and provide feedback and support, as well as assist you in setting goals for growth.

Each of your field experiences will build on your earlier work and prepare you for the next level, preparing you fully to take over the full responsibilities of teaching in your Residency experience. We will encourage you to become an active member of your school community by attending administrative meetings, teacher induction days, and other activities so you're fully prepared for your role outside the classroom.

North Central has formed formal partnerships with several local school districts to ensure the quality of teachers who will mentor you and evaluate your progress. These experienced educators will supervise and advise you as you develop lesson plans, organize classroom activities, assist with classroom management tasks, interact one-on-one with students and ultimately teach small groups and full classes.

Your field experiences will culminate in your fourth year with an 18-20 week Residency when you’ll progress to assume full responsibility for a classroom and all aspects of the teaching role. This stage is analogous to a medical residency.

North Central's Education Department assists you throughout all four years by documenting each course, test and competency that you pass. Upon your final gateway—graduation—the department communicates with the State of Illinois to recommend teacher candidates for licensure. At this point you will be well on your way toward becoming a professional educator.