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The Engaged Learning Fair is February 13th in Wentz Concert Hall (Fine Arts), from 12 noon to 1 pm!

The Engaged Learning Fair for Spring 2024, featuring

  • Getting involved in the community via CEL classes
  • Domestic Study Away, May Term Trips, Global Semesters Abroad
  • Practica -- putting on theatrical shows, working on the radio
  • Interdisciplinary programs to expand your horizons and improve your resume
  • the College Scholars Honors Program
  • Undergraduate Research opportunities -- see how this can work in YOUR major
  • Richter grants, Fullbright
  • many more

For sample questions, please view the complete program in EPUB (accessible), complete program in PDF, or from Community-Engaged Learning on the HUB.

Venue entrance and entry times

The Engaged Learning Fair is taking place on Tuesday, 13 February, from 12–1 PM in the Wentz Concert Hall lobby.

Attendees should enter on the lower level via the Madden Theater on Chicago Avenue, with exceptions for mobility accommodations (see below). Attendee traffic will proceed generally from southwest to northeast. Attendees will exit onto Ellsworth Street.

Students attending as part of a class should check in to receive their attendance sheet, which will be turned in at the event exit near Schoenherr Art Gallery.

First-Year Experience entry times

Students attending the Fair as part of their first-year experience have been assigned staggered admission times based on their course section:

  • All CARD 101 sections, and CARD 104 sections 2, 4, and 6. The time slot for these sections will be from 12:00 (noon), and continue until 12:30.
  • All CARD 102 sections, and CARD 104 sections 1, 3, and 5. These sections have a time slot with admission beginning at 12:30 PM. The program will begin wrapping up at 1 PM.

Venue accessibility

Any participants or attendees with mobility concerns may enter from either entrance. There is an elevator from the Madden Lobby to the main level that will provide direct access to the Event. First-Year Experience students with mobility concerns who wish to enter via the Ellsworth St doors should identify themselves to Event staff near the Schoenherr Art Gallery to check in and receive an attendance sheet.


Once upstairs, you will find opportunities left, right and center!

Northwest wall (left side/theater)

  1. Peer Tutoring Program. Student Success Coaches 
  1. Student Research. Office of Engaged Learning 
  1. Audition for Theatre shows! Theatre department practica 
  1. Campus Sustainability Projects. Environmental Studies Program, Interdisciplinary Studies 
  1. Speaking & Writing Centers. Communications Department, English Department 
  1. WONC FM 89.1. Media Studies practica 
  1. Piano Lab. Music Department 
  1. Lunar New Year! Naperville Chinese cultural programs. Chinese program, Xilin Association and Ray Chinese School 
  1. Coffee Lab at NCC. Enactus. 
  1. Learning commons community engagement. Oesterle Library. 
  1. I/O Psychology and Psychology in the Community. Psychology Department and the Industrial/Organizational Psych club 
  1. Precepting and Civic Humanities Project. Shimer Program and LEV
  1. Community-Engaged Learning and Community-Based Involvement. Office of Engaged Learning 
  1. 30 North. English department practica 
  1. The Chronicle. English department practica 

Southeast wall (right side/window)

  1. Internships and Career Peer Advising. Center for Career & Professional Development 
  1. College Scholars Honors Program. Office of Engaged Learning 
  1. Blue Key and Design for America. Leadership, Ethics and Values Program 
  1. Sankofa and Cardinal Safe Zone. Office of Multicultural Affairs 
  1. Gender & Sexuality Studies. Interdisciplinary Programs 
  1. TESOL. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  1. Public Art and The Design Agency. Art & Design Department 
  1. Chicago programs. Interdisciplinary Studies 
  1. May Term Programs and Study Away. Center for Global Education 
  1. Washington Internship Institute. Office of Engaged Learning 


Schoenherr Gallery

The North Central College Galleries is a dedicated undergraduate research program presenting the visual research of diverse student and professional artists, fostering open dialogue, and providing access to visual arts programming that brings together the North Central College campus and surrounding communities. Discover the Canvas of Creativity!

Engage From Anywhere

Whether looking for a community partner for a Community-Engaged Learning class, taking part in a service project for a student organization, or simply exceeding your personal best, the volunteer portal is a great place to find ways to make our community a better place.

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Engaged Learning Volunteer Portal

Powered by Giving DuPage, the county's volunteer center, the Volunteer Portal a one-stop shop for finding, researching, and connecting with volunteer opportunities and community organizations for students, faculty, and staff members.

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