Lux Veritas Speaker Series

Light and Truth.

The Lux Veritas Speaker Series - drawing from North Central College’s religious and academic heritage - engages our community in conversations with leaders whose faith motivates them to transform the world. Inspired by our college seal, a lamp representing “light” and a book representing “truth”, these events connect us with leaders that explore important issues in a spirit of truth while spreading light into the world as a means to live out our purpose.




Please check our YouTube channel to view previous LVSS lectures, and other past events from the Office of Faith & Action.

Upcoming Lux Veritas Speaker Series Events

Fall Semester 2019


Carlos A. Rodríguez

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

Koten Chapel


Carlos is passionate about reaching the world with God’s radical love. He is a provocative preacher, pastor, teacher, and blogger who serves the local church and loves to be among prisoners, young adults, and anyone who dares to think differently. For fifteen years he has been traveling the world reaching the most broken people with hugs, passion, and the stories in Luke 15. In 2014, he began, an online magazine that reaches thousands of people daily by sharing the message of grace via whatever the heck is trending on the web.

The website has now become an international non-profit focusing on empowering children in Peru, reconnecting families with inmates in the US prison system and helping parents fund their adoption process. Carlos has written several articles for Relevant and Revival magazines and published his first book Simply Sonship (2014), and his latest book Drop the Stones: When Love Reaches the Unlovable (2017). He’s also one of the founding pastors of Catch the Fire in Raleigh, NC.

Be sure to check out his other website Happy Givers, or follow him on Instagram, to see his nonprofit's collection of remarkable goods and clothing.

Past Speakers and Events

Date Speaker Position Event Location
11/12/15 Carl Gladstone Founder and Director, Motown Mission Smith Hall, Old Main
1/21/16 Dr. Leah Gunning Francis Professor, Author, Activist Meiley-Swallow Theatre
4/14/16 Bishop Sally Dyck - "Connecting Jesus to the Care of Creation" Bishop, United Methodist Northern Illinois Conference Koten Chapel, Kiekhofer Hall
10/20/16 Jon Guerra, Pete Leonard, Luke Wright - "Faithful Entrepreneurs" Musician / Engineer, Coffee Roaster / Creative Smith Hall, Old Main
1/26/17 Layton Williams Author, Sojourners Smith Hall, Old Main
4/19/17 Shane Claiborne Speaker, Activist, Author Koten Chapel, Kiekhofer Hall
1/16/18 Steven Martin Documentary Film Maker, Activist Room 101, Wentz Science Center
5/16/18 Scott Erickson, Justin McRoberts - "Prayer" Author, Songwriter / Artist Koten Chapel Kiekhofer Hall
2/19/19 Rev. Gavin Rogers Pastor, Activist, Author Madden Theater, Wentz Hall
4/9/19 Shane Claiborne, Michael Martin - "Beating Guns Tour" Activist / Blacksmith Koten Chapel, Kiekhofer Hall
11/6/19 Carlos A. Rodríguez Pastor, Teacher, Activist Koten Chapel, Kiekhofer Hall