Many parts, one body

As a part of a special offering from the Office of Faith & Action, we've created a worship service called 12:5. This bi-weekly worship service is a campus-wide gathering - an encouraging time of Christian worship and community for students, faculty, and staff. The brief, 20-minute service includes lively music, a devotional message from other Cardinals, and some time to be the NCC family with one another. 

The name of this worship service and its purpose are rooted in Romans 12:5, which reads: “In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other.”


12:5 Fall Semester: online via Zoom

As we re-emerge from this strange season of life and continue to navigate life in a pandemic, we do so having been transformed by our experiences of mortality and isolation, having wrestled with a renewed awareness of racism and inequality, and having new tools to connect and build community. We recognize that our nation is on the cusp of a monumental shift and that the future can seem daunting and dangerous. Thankfully, we are not the first Christians to encounter times of great challenge and societal upheaval.

Three hundred years ago, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, faced the societal shift of the industrial age in England and the revolution of democracy in the Americas. While trying to boil down the essence of living a Christian life in a time of monumental change, he proposed three general rules to guide everyday actions for faithful, justice-oriented Christians: Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.

Are these historic guidelines gleaned from the teachings of Jesus and ancient moral philosophers still relevant today? Can these simple rules govern our choices to guide us in the Way of Jesus? We think so, and we like to explore them with you. That’s why these simples rules are our theme for 12:5 for this Fall Semester.

Beginning August 31, we will gather every other Tuesday from 12:05-12:25 pm, remotely via Zoom. Just like our regular pattern, there will be music and a brief meditation from a speaker that is part of the North Central College family. We’ll begin each service at 12:05 pm (CDT), and keep it to our familiar 20-minute length. We will send regular updates about our safety protocols in light of COVID-19, so please follow along on Instagram and be on the lookout for those before each service.

Fall Semester 2021:
Speaker Line-up

Date Speaker Title Talk Title
8/31/21 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain
9/14/21 Grace Nelles Focus Music Coordinator, Class of 2022
9/28/21 Dr. Perry Hamalis Cecelia Schneller Mueller Professor of Religion
10/12/21 Eric Nelson Focus President, Class of 2022
10/26/21 Rev. Dr. Geneace Williams Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager, City of Naperville
11/9/21 Lydia Pond Director of Student Activities and Campus Recreation
11/23/21 Rev. Grant Swanson Class of 2011, Recruitment Coordinator at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
12/7/21 Special Christmas Advent Service

Past Speakers and
Worship Song Set-lists


Date Speaker Title Talk Title
2/2/21 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "The Allegiance to Love"
2/16/21 Rev. Tom Babler Class of 1969 "Getting Our Bearings"
3/2/21 Nikki Young Class of 2015
3/16/21 Dan Persinger Class of 2021 "Answering the Call"
3/30/21 Dr. Maureen Kincaid Professor of Education "Road to Redemption and Forgiveness"
4/13/21 Jacob Kadolph Class of 2022 "Why Acts of Compassion Matter"
4/27/21 Angel Tovar Class of 2023 "Looking Through the Eyes of Christ"


Date Speaker Title Talk Title
9/1/20 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "How to Be a Bad Christian"
9/15/20 Mikel Mays VOP President, Class of 2022 "Trouble Won't Last Always"
9/29/20 Dorothy Pleas Asst. Dean of Students, Director of Multicultural Affairs "Truth is..."
10/13/20 Nick DeFalco Director of Transfer Admission "Listening to the Question Behind the Question"
10/27/20 Lisa Pettaway Director of The Annual Fund "The Endurance to Run the Race"
11/10/20 Emily Miller Class of 2021 "Showing Our Weakness"
11/24/20 Dr. Rocky VanHorn Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience "An Open Invitation to Difficult Questions"
12/8/20 Special Christmas Advent Service


Date Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song
5/12/20 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "Lament: Perseverance and Solace" "O Come to the Altar"
6/9/20 Brian Rainville Director of Faith & Action "Black Lives Matter: Empathy, Repentance, and Action" "You Are My Strength"
7/14/20 Daniel Wallace Focus Co-President, Class of 2021


Date Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song #1 Worship Song #2
1/14/20 Dr. Troy Hammond College President "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" "Who You Say I Am"
1/28/20 Kamie Gregory Asst. Director, Center for Social Impact "Take a Moment" "Build My Life"
2/11/20 Jeremy Gudauskas Asst. Vice President “Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?” "Be Thou My Vision" "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)"
2/25/20 Leslie Stopka Catholic Campus Minister "An Everyday Kind of Love" "Great Are You Lord" "Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)"
3/31/20 Eric Nelson Class of 2022 "A Season of Death" "Take a Moment"
4/14/20 Kelsey McLaurin Class of 2021 "God's Love Welcomes Our Brokenness" "How Can It Be"


Date Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song #1 Worship Song #2
8/27/19 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "But Who is My Neighbor?" "Here For You" "How Deep the Father's Love For Us"
9/10/19 Melissa Wohrley Focus Co-President "Encouragement" "Be Thou My Vision" "Cornerstone"
9/24/19 Adrian Aldrich Exec. Director of Development & Alumni "The Choices We Make" "Yes and Amen" “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”
10/8/19 Steve Weaver Assistant Dean of Students “Exceed Your Personal Golden Rule Best” "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" "One Thing Remains"
10/22/19 Haven Denson Class of 2022 "Love is Radical Activism" "O Come to the Altar" "Oceans"
11/5/19 Neil Nicholson Associate Professor of Mathematics "Another W" "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)" "Beautiful Things"
11/19/19 Lydia Pond Director of Campus Recreation "It Was a Tuesday" "Forever Reign" "Broken Vessels"
12/3/19 Special Advent Christmas Service


Date Location Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song #1 Worship Song #2
4/2/19 Oesterle Library Katie Costenaro Class of 2019 "Labels" "Forever Reign" "Build My Life"
4/16/19 Heininger Auditorium Whitney Roberts Director of Civic Engagement & Social Innovation "Pride and the Fall" "Cornerstone" "Resurrecting"
4/30/19 Old Main Plaza Samantha Bennett Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs "Putting the Pieces Together" "Holy Spirit" "Beautiful Things"
5/14/19 Championship Plaza Kyle Exline Head Men's & Women's Volleyball Coach "Voluntary Servitude" "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)" "How Great is Our God"
5/28/19 Koten Chapel Rev. Eric Doolittle / Nate Norris College Chaplain / Focus Worship Leader "Time, Love, and Tenderness" "Here for You" "How Great Thou Art"


Date Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song #1 Worship Song #2
1/8/19 Thomas Smith Class of 2019 "One in Body" "O Come, All Ye Faithful" "Here For You"
1/22/19 Dr. Donnavieve Smith Associate Professor of Marketing "Take the Labels Off" "Build My Life" "A Great Work"
2/5/19 Julie Dumler Administrative Assistant, Oesterle Library "The Joy of the Lord" "Take a Moment" "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)"
2/19/19 Jenny Alexander Associate Director of Residence Life "Live Again" "Beautiful Things" "Resurrecting"
3/5/19 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "Say Yes" "Awesome God" "Way Maker"


Date Speaker Title Talk Title Worship Song #1 Worship Song #2
9/18/18 Rev. Eric Doolittle College Chaplain "Gathering Our Breath" “Come Thou Fount” "Great Are You Lord"
10/2/18 Kaylee Lessen Class of 2019 "Take a Moment" "Reckless Love"
10/16/18 DuShaun Branch Asst. Director of Student Involvement "Back to the Mat: Finding Peace During Difficult Days" "Here For You" "Build My Life"
10/30/18 Dr. Troy Hammond College President "Won't You Be My Neighbor" "Lion and the Lamb" "So Will I (100 Billion X)"
11/13/18 Dr. Shelley Birdsong Professor Religious Studies "You Are Not Alone" "Cornerstone" "Good, Good Father"