Refund Policy

A student who officially withdraws from the College or a course(s) should view the Refund Policy in the Undergraduate catalog or Graduate catalog.

Refund Schedule

The date of withdrawal is established by the student’s completion of all official steps for withdrawal and will be based on the date that the Registrar Office records the withdrawal. If the student withdraws from the College or any course(s) at any time without having completed the official steps, no refund (credit) will be made.  The refund schedule is available in the Undergraduate catalog or Graduate catalog.

Room and Board

Agreements are signed for the full academic year. If a student intends to withdraw from housing during the academic year, the student must follow the procedures outlined in the Room and Board Agreement. In all cases, the student will need to complete the "buy out agreement/contract release" form at Residence Life. Granting of the release is not automatic and refunds (credits) will be determined in accordance with the agreement. All students should read and understand the Room and Board Agreement before signing.