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Cardinal Destination Courses Abroad (CDCA) May Term

A Cardinal Destination Course Abroad (CDCA) is a short-term faculty-led course that takes place shortly after the spring semester ends during the month of May (May Term). Students travel internationally as a group with a North Central College faculty and staff member. Each CDCA opportunity includes a linked prerequisite course completed in the spring semester before departure. 

Interested? Here are your next steps...

Step 1: Speak with the course-specific faculty leader(s) to learn more about the course, logistics, and itinerary, and to request a green slip to enroll for the appropriate courses on Merlin.

Step 2: Enroll on Merlin for the 2-credit the May Term travel component (under spring semester). The enrollment deadline is November 1, 2024.

Step 3: Register with the Center for Global Education (CGE).  After the November 1st deadline, the CGE team will send you a link with instructions to register and next steps to complete by December 13, 2024.

Step 4: Pay your first $500 program fee deposit by December 13, 2024.

Step 5: Pay your second $500 deposit (airfare deposit) by January 31, 2025.


Enroll on Merlin by November 1, 2024!

Learn more about the CDCA 2025 opportunities below!

New this year, all CDCA opportunities are worth 2-credits, which students register for in the spring 2025 semester. This 2-credit course (CARD*260) encompasses the prerequisite work and the travel component in May. There are no pathway courses. All participants must be enrolled in the respective 2-credit CARD*260 in spring semester to be eligible to travel during May Term.

Click "Learn More" under each course for itinerary information, course highlights, cost breakdown, and more!

flag of canada


Montreal and Quebec. Canada's Most European Cities

Led by: Professor Jelena Sanchez

May 5-12, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL2

Estimated Total Program Fee: $1,650 - $2,150

UK Flag

England (London)

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: England

Led by: Professor Raleigh Blasdell

May 6-16, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL3

Estimated Total Program Fee: $2,230 - $2,730

Greece and Italy Flags


The Economic Impact of Migration

Led by: Professor Miranda Mendiola and Professor Robert Moussetis

May 6-22, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL4

Estimated Total Program Fee: $4,340 - $4,890

Flag of Guatemala


Coffee in the Field 

Led by: Professor Matthew Krystal and Professor Gwendolyn Tedeschi

May 10-24, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL5

Estimated Total Program Fee: $2,080 - $2,580

Flag of Ireland

Ireland & Northern Ireland

An Exploration of Identity Here and Abroad

Led by: Professors Shereen Ilahi and Nicole Rivera

May 11-22, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL7

Estimated Total Program Fee: $3,100 - $3,600


Negotiating Modernity: Colonialism and Cultural Drift in Morocco 

Led by: Professor Mara Berkland and Professor Sophie Hand

May 5-23, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*BL6 

Estimated Total Program Fee: $3,660 - $4,160

South Africa

Experience South Africa

Led by: Professor Quanisha Charles

May 6-18, 2025


Course to Enroll in on Merlin: CARD*260*OA1

Estimated Total Program Fee: $4,205 - $4,705 


  • North Central College provides all students enrolled in a CDCA a primary emergency medical insurance policy for the course dates abroad.
  • Every student participant is required to abide by the College policies as outlined in the North Central College Student Handbook and by the expectations outlined in the course syllabus. If, in the judgement of a faculty/staff leader, a student has violated the course expectations or College policy as stated in the Student Handbook, the student may be sent home at his/her own expense. In such circumstances, a student's parents/guardians may also be notified and additional disciplinary action may be taken by the College upon the student's return to the United States.
  • All CDCA enrolled students will be required to attend a pre-departure information session in April. Failure to attend may jeopardize ability to participate. 



  • Refund schedules for airfare depend on individual airlines; faculty leaders will inform all participants of the relevant deadlines and policies.
  • If an enrolled student withdraws from the CDCA before March 1, 2025, then 50% of the remaining balance of the program fee will be billed to the student account if costs have been incurred by the College.
  • If an enrolled student withdraws from the CDCA after March 1, 2025, then 100% of the program fee is forfeited. Withdrawing from a CDCA does not withdraw you from the linked spring semester course.
  • If a student withdraws from the respective CARD*260 spring semester course, the student will not be eligible to travel abroad and will be responsible for any associated fees (airline or program fees) as outlined in the Cancellation and Refund Policy above.
  • Successful completion of the spring semester preparatory coursework is REQUIRED for participation in the May Term international travel section