Executive Board Positions


  • Promote the mission of International Club at all times on and off-campus.
  • Be present at all meetings and events, beginning to end. Must give a one-week notice of conflicts.
  • Be responsible, reliable, respectful, willing to share ideas, and have excellent time-management and organization skills.
  • Evaluate the success, or low success, of different themed meetings and programs.
  • Track tasks in International Club spreadsheet and communicate properly with other officers and with advisor.


  • Must attend all meetings unless an emergency occurs, in which case they must personally make sure the other Co-President can step in.
  • Call special meetings if deemed necessary.
  • Assist in job assignment for each officer, such as snack duty.
  • Shall represent International Club around campus, at events, meetings, and at SGA officer events (i.e. Presidents Roundtable, Involvement Fairs).
  • Create general agendas with collaboration with the other Co-President.
  • Enforce the Constitution to the fullest.
  • Hold bi-weekly officer meetings.
  • Will have bi-weekly meetings as-needed with the other Co-President to discuss club meetings, progress, updates on events, etc.
  • Will hold as-needed meetings with Advisor to discuss updates and future events.
  • Establish relationships with other North Central organizations for the purpose of cross-promotion or even co-sponsor events.


  • Shall be responsible for handling all the money and receipts for International Club.
  • Shall be directly involved with planning each term’s budget, including researching prices and filling out the proposal.
  • Budget planning takes place before budget hearing in the International Club advisor’s office.
  • Attend all meetings and budget hearings.
  • Shall represent International Club to the Finance Committee when requesting funds.


  • Shall share duties among other general officer(s), treasurer, and co-presidents as needed.
  • Shall act as correspondence officers with other organizations.
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Keep a tentative record of member attendance at meetings and functions through the “presence” application.
  • Shall be responsible for typing agenda and discussions of officer and advisor meetings.
  • Email all general members about upcoming events, opportunities within International Club, and share important information.
  • Responsible for the design and distribution of advertisement for all events, and club meetings, for International Club (via email, social media, posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Ensure publicity goes out at least 1 week prior to events and is marketed continuously.
  • Act as photographer at club events and meetings.
  • Archive any documents or other material deemed memorable and useful for the future of the Club.


  • Attend all functions which have received funding. If the advisor is not available to attend, s/he must find a faculty or staff member representative
  • Accompany the International Club in off-campus excursions and ensure participants safety
  • Schedule executive board meetings and identify key strategic goals to be executed by the exec board members
  • Ensure the overall success of the International Club at NCC

Appointment of new executive board members will be held March-April each spring semester for representatives serving the club in the following academic year. If you have questions about executive positions or to request an application, contact Josselin Rodriguez, International Student Services and Engagement Graduate Assistant.