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International Living & Learning Community (I-LLC)

What is the International Living & Learning Community?

The International Living and Learning Community (I-LLC) is an intercultural living and learning environment in which intercultural understanding extends beyond the classroom into daily student life.

Understand cultural diversity

The primary goal of the I-LLC is to contribute to the global literacy of the College by creating an on-campus residential community in which cultural diversity is truly valued. Students are committed to promoting international understanding by exploring issues of international importance, by creating new cross-cultural connections, and by enriching existing international relationships on campus and in the wider community.

International Students in Wentz Concert Hall

Build community

The I-LLC is located on the fourth floor of Patterson Hall and comprised of first year international, English language learners, exchange and American students. International students and their new American roommates are strategically matched based on majors, language-learning interests, and even commonalities in their prospective education abroad destinations. To achieve the I-LLC’s mission, members of the I-LLC community work together to explore global issues through organized activities and events.

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Enhance global perspective

The International Living Learning Community (I-LLC) creates, cultivates, and sustains an atmosphere for international living in tandem with living in a multicultural environment. The main goal of the I-LLC is to provide a residential space for international and domestic students enrolled at North Central College to live and interact, as well as increase global awareness for all student participants.

International Students in front of Wentz Music Hall

Make new friends

Residents live in an atmosphere where students with international experience, backgrounds, and interests come together to build community. Our mission is to facilitate interactions between students with diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and worldviews and to foster awareness of and appreciation for cultural differences.

Living Learning Community - Patterson Residence Hall


Our staff is happy to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have or if you want more information on how to join our community.