Jazz Program Jury Policies


All NCC jazz studies majors, minors and scholarship recipients are required to participate in two jazz juries each academic year.  Participants must prepare a presentation according to the guidelines established by the applied jazz faculty instructor, to be performed for a panel consisting of members of the jazz faculty.  Each faulty member submits a letter grade for the jury; those grades are averaged and submitted to the applied instructor for inclusion in determining the final applied lesson grade for the term.

FALL TERM:  Only upper classmen (students who have participated in jazz jury process in the past) are required to present a Fall jazz jury at the end of the Fall term.

WINTER TERM:  Only freshmen or students new to the jazz studies program are required to participate in the Winter jazz jury process at the end of the term.

SPRING TERM: All jazz studies students participate in the Spring juries.


FOR JAZZ STUDIES MAJORS ONLY:  The Spring jazz juries serve as barrier juries and are graded on a pass/fail basis.  For example: If a jazz studies major fails the Spring jury it may be retaken at the following Fall term juries. All jazz studies majors must pass the Spring juries (freshman, sophomore and junior) before being allowed to proceed to the next level.  The senior jury must be completed prior to graduation. Therefore, we highly recommend that graduating seniors present their jazz juries at the Winter jazz juries of their senior year.