LEV Fellows Scholarship

The LEV Fellows Scholarship is a highly attractive scholarship option for first and second year students who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and a keen interest in maximizing their leadership skills to improve the North Central College community.  Students who are accepted into the program declare and complete an LEV concentration, LEV academic minor and/or LEV academic major and also participate in several cocurricular leadership experiences, including leadership workshops and yearly service projects.  Students will receive a $1,000 scholarship the first year, a $1,500 scholarship the second year and a $2,000 scholarship the third year.  Scholarship renewal is pending completion of all requirements outlined in the application.

For more information about the LEV Majors, Minors or Concentrations, please visit our LEV Programs & Degree Options page.

Questions? Contact Dr. Julie Nagashima at jnagashima@noctrl.edu or extension 5160.