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2020-2021 Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2020-2021 (pdf)

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By virtue of enrollment at North Central College, all students accept established policies, procedures, guidelines, and behavioral expectations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on the College’s policies and response visit the COVID-19 website, here. COVID-19 policies, including the #TogetherNC pledge, are enforceable via the Compliance policy (pg.28) of the Student Handbook, located under the Responsibility to the College and Its Members section of this handbook.

COVID-19 Non-Compliance Reporting Form:

The reporting form found here, is to be used by members of the campus community to quickly and easily submit information regarding an individual, organization, or office not following expectations outlined in the College's #TogetherNC pledge.

Expedited Student Conduct Process for COVID-19 Non-Compliance:

Due to the exigent circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic, an abridged conduct process will be employed for COVID-19-related issues/concerns. As outlined in this Handbook, the College uses the preponderance of the evidence standard when reviewing conduct matters and assigning an outcome. More information regarding this abridge process as well as an outlined list of typical sanctions used for violations related to COVID-19 policies and procedures can be found here.  Consequences for willfully endangering the campus community will include all available accountability options, up to and including suspension or dismissal from North Central College.

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