Jump-start your college experience with the Premier Scholars Program!

The Premier Scholars Program, also known as “Premier”, serves a diverse group of incoming first-year students.  As a Premier Scholar, you’ll get to create incredible memories and build lasting friendships. Through the program you will engage with the campus through a sample psychology class, campus partner workshops, and  have an assigned Premier Team Leader mentor, who will support you throughout your first-year at North Central!

The Premier Scholars program is divided into two components: the summer program and the academic year portion. The summer program is currently planned for the week of August 7-16, 2023. During the summer program, students will become acclimated to campus and have the opportunity to move-in early if they are a resident student! Students will participate in team building activities and meet faculty and staff that will help support their transition from high school to college life. The summer program will be held in-person. 

For more details about the program, follow the Office of Multicultural Affairs on Instagram @ncc_oma or contact us at mca@noctrl.edu. Please know the College continues to monitor all developments regarding the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As an institution, we are committed to limiting the spread of the virus and are regularly assessing and adapting scheduled events with a focus on the health and well-being of the broader community. If there are any changes in the dates for Premier, we will share the information and details in the coming days and weeks.

Premier scholars

Four Reasons to Join Premier

1) Become familiar with campus, the Naperville community and campus resources

2) Build a social network by attending events with other Premier Scholars

3) Transition smoothly to college life with our targeted workshops and dedicated support system

4) Individual mentoring sessions with Premier Team Leaders to discuss helpful college tips

What happens during the summer program?

Premier kicks off with an incredible 10-day summer program that gives you the opportunity to become acclimated to North Central College and knowledgeable about the variety of campus resources available to students.  Additionally, you will be able to experience educational, leadership development and networking activities that will help prepare you as you transition to college life.  During this time, you will also build relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and fellow students – by Welcome Week and the fall semester, you will have a support network to rely on.

The summer program is currently planned for the week of August 7-16, 2023. Resident students will be able to move-in early at the start of the summer program to their assigned housing placement. 

Group of premier scholars

What about during the academic year?

As a Premier Scholar, you’ll meet throughout the semester to talk about your experiences, reconnect with your peers and meet with your mentor. During the semester, Premier hosts helpful workshops covering a range of topics, including financial aid, wellness, and study abroad opportunities.

Program Workshops:

  • Academic Support: building effective relationships with your professors
  • Health and Wellness: importance of emotional, mental and physical health
  • Financial Services: finding an on-campus job, organizing personal finances
  • College Life: handling culture shock, time management, diversity
  • Community Building: activities include meeting with your mentor and connecting with fellow Premier Scholars

Is there a cost?

It is free to participate in the Premier Scholars Program. The program will cover the cost of meals and activities during the summer dates. 


What do past participants have to say?

We think Premier is great! But you don’t have to take our word for it—we’ll let our students tell their stories.

Dallas Ceh

Dallas Ceh

“Premier serves as a support system by connecting you with upperclassmen Team Leaders, faculty mentors and other first year students.”

Dallas Ceh Wilmington, Ill.

Morgan Harmon

Morgan Harmon

“I thought I would be nervous for my first day of classes. But I wasn’t because Premier had done so much to make sure I was confident and comfortable in this new space.”

Morgan Harmon Chicago, Ill.

Teaghan Van Hoesen

Teaghan Van Hoesen

“Premier helped me transition into my college experience by providing me with a network of students, professors and resources.”

Teaghan Van Hoesen Bartlett, Ill.

Izaiah Webb

Izaiah Webb

“Through Premier, you meet a great group of people who will support you throughout your time at North Central.”

Izaiah Webb DeKalb, Ill.

Isabella Ayalah

Isabella Ayala

“As a first-generation college student, this program gave me a head start into college life both in and out of the classroom.”

Isabella Ayala, Aurora, Ill.

Mikel Mays

Mikel Mays

“If you are interested in joining Premier, I would highly recommend it. It offers the right amount of balance between educational and college life experiences.”

Mikel Mays Merrillville, Ind.

Am I eligible to participate?

You are eligible to participate in Premier if you are going to college for the first time and any of the following apply to you:

  • You have an underrepresented racial or ethnic background
  • You’re a first-generation college student (neither parent has completed a four-year degree)
  • You face economic hardship


I’m interested! What are my next steps?

Great! Complete the Premier Scholar program application and we will be in touch.  If you have questions, please contact  the Office of Multicultural Affairs at  mca@noctrl.edu.

You can also check out our Premier Scholars Program video to hear from current students and learn about their experience in the program.

Dorothy Pleas