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North Central College celebrates diversity during Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct 07, 2019

Hispanic Heritage Month at North Central College is an opportunity to cultivate awareness and appreciation for Hispanic culture.  Activities throughout the month, which spans from Sept. 13 to Oct. 17, are sponsored by Latinx Student Association, Fusión Española, the North Central College Spanish program and the College’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. The campus-wide Hispanic Heritage celebration includes music, dancing, food, film and more.

So far North Central has celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting a poetry reading with poet Silvia Goldman, a concert with Colombian Band Rio Rivera, a Baile Latino (dance) and Young Latina Talks, an event created to inspire young Latina students ages 18 to 25, featuring female leaders within the Hispanic community. At the event, students received training from public speaking experts and networked with leaders from different Hispanic countries.

The College’s commitment to multiculturalism and global engagement is reflected in expanded academic experiences. For the 2019-2020 academic year, North Central introduced professional Spanish into the curriculum as a new minor. Thanks to the College’s proximity to Chicago, students have the unique opportunity to hone their communication skills in Spanish-speaking communities through interactions and internships.

Elena Garcia-Martin, associate professor of Spanish, said, “Becoming bilingual and bicultural gives you a clear advantage in today’s global economy. Our new minor in professional Spanish allows students to enhance their résumés so they can communicate and interact effectively in all professional cultures and environments.”

For more information on North Central College's Spanish program, visit their page on our website.

In addition, North Central will offer a May 2020 Cardinal Destination course in Spain called “The Green Spain: A Treasured Past.” Students will learn about the cultural and natural heritage that is the root of Spanish identity.

“Green is not just a color, it's a philosophy of life. Green Spain promotes a love of humanity and nature,” said Jelena Sanchez, assistant professor of Spanish. “This course is about Spain's sustainable initiatives to safeguard its historical, cultural, and natural treasures of the past.”

A mariachi band performing as part of Hispanic Heritage Month at North Central College.

A mariachi band performing as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Remaining Hispanic Heritage Month activities at North Central College

  • Wednesday, Oct. 9: Loteria (Mexican Bingo), 6:20 - 7:20 p.m., Res/Rec third floor
  • Thursday, Oct. 17: Mexican Horror Film: "Tigers Are Not Afraid," Noon - 1:30 p.m., Meiley-Swallow

For the full list of Hispanic Heritage Month activities, visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs Facebook page.