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North Central College Professor Quoted in Chicago Tribune

Mar 25, 2020

Jon Mueller Shares how Fear, Uncertainty and Scarcity are all Normal Responses to a Pandemic

During times of crisis or global pandemics, it is not an uncommon sight to see the general public flock to storefronts to stockpile on necessities. While it may strike some as an overreaction to the coronavirus, for others it’s a means of exerting control in a situation that is completely uncharted territory.

North Central College’s Jon Mueller, professor of psychology, spoke with the Chicago Tribune to provide some insight behind the barren shelves at various grocery stores across the nation.

“There are three powerful forces at work when something like this happens—fear, uncertainty and scarcity—and all are normal human responses,” said Mueller. “We want to do things to gain control. All this makes sense in the context.”

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Jon Mueller