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North Central College Professor Quoted in the Naperville Sun

Mar 25, 2020

Esen Andic-Mortan Offers Tips on How to Improve Productivity while Working from Home

In a time when the new normal means you hop onto a computer for a day’s work in sweatpants, many might think they’ve struck gold. However, it takes determination and grit to adapt in a less structured and casual approach while working from home.

North Central College’s Esen Andic-Mortan, assistant professor of management, spoke to the Naperville Sun and offered seven best practice tips for people who are working from home as companies try to quell the spread of the coronavirus in offices.  

“With 24-hour access to a computer, it’s easy to get caught up in working day and night,” said Andic-Mortan. “If it’s business as usual, try to stick with that. Try to take care of the body, soul and mind.”

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Esen Andic-Mortan