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North Central College Professor Interviewed on WGN News

Apr 06, 2020

Professor Bill Muck talks about the presidential campaign trail amid COVID-19

North Central College’s Bill Muck, professor of political science, was interviewed on WGN news about the impact the coronavirus has on our presidential election on Friday, April 3. Bill addressed how in recent weeks the American people are seeing more and more primary elections being delayed for several reasons and just last Thursday, April 2, the democratic party announced it will postpone its convention from July to August.

During these unprecedented times, the American people and our political candidates are having to adapt their action plans from the conventional approach to a campaign. However, some argue it isn’t always easy to maintain a level of transparency amid a social distancing and self-isolating time.

 “In the case of Biden, he really needs this [democratic] convention to happen in August to help mobilize the party because people are just not seeing him as often,” said Muck. “Just to even get his face out in front of voters. It’s easy to forget about these candidates if we don’t see them every day; and we are seeing and hearing from President Trump every single day, which he is using to rally the republican party.”

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Bill Muck