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North Central College Professor Interviewed by WGN News

Apr 08, 2020

Professor Bill Muck talks about the Wisconsin presidential primary race 

North Central College’s Bill Muck, professor of political science, was interviewed on WGN news about the Wisconsin presidential primary race being held despite the coronavirus pandemic. This presidential primary race had its fair share of controversy, as the governor tried to delay the vote due to the pandemic; however, state Republicans pushed back. The State Supreme Court, which is controlled by Conservative judges overturned the governor's delay. Democrats accused Republicans of intentionally trying to keep turnout low to help redraw legislative boundaries and shift the power away from the voters in large cities. Wisconsin also closed most of its polling places, so voters had fewer options if they didn't already get a mail in ballot.

“This is a longstanding battle between Democrats and Republicans, where Republicans going all the way back to Scott Walker in 2011 have been trying to find ways to really cut back on who can vote, making voting more difficult with voter ID laws,” said Muck. “And you've got the Democrats on the other side trying to make voting easier, so this is really falling on partisan lines and what we saw yesterday was much of the same thing.”

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Bill Muck