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North Central’s Suzanne Chod Interviewed on WGN News

Apr 09, 2020

Professor Chod weighed in on Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race

North Central College’s Suzanne Chod, associate professor of political science, discussed a breaking news story on WGN news on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dropping out of the political race. She discussed popular theories behind why Sanders decided on the timing of his departure from the political race, and whether that had any implications for uniting the Democratic Party as a whole.

“What’s different from his run in 2016, where he really wanted to push as long as possible because the stakes didn’t feel quite as high,” said Chod. “This cycle, it’s about defeating Donald Trump and unifying the party as quickly as possible to give his supporters plenty of time to feel like they can mourn a little that he's not going to be the nominee. Then, he can go out and push hard to get all those voters to support Biden in November.”

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Suzanne Chod