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North Central College First-Gen Students Interviewed on PBS Newshour

Apr 15, 2020


Arabia Patino ‘20 and Aricela Mendez ’20 discussed how COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted their college experience

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the academic year for some 20 million college students as campuses move to remote learning nationwide. Many of these young people are continuing their studies through video conferencing lectures and online resources, but the transition hasn’t been easy for all of them. North Central College first-generation students Arabia Patino ’20 and Aricela Mendez ’20 were interviewed by PBS Newshour, where they discussed what an interrupted school year means for them.

While many universities and colleges nationwide have had to cancel or postpone commencement ceremonies, many feel that loss deeply, especially the students who will be the first in their family to graduate college.

“Having that physical experience is so symbolic,” said Mendez. “It would mean that everyone I love would be in one area celebrating this accomplishment with me.”