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North Central College Professor Quoted in Associated Press

May 01, 2020

Professor Adam Kotsko weighed in on the ‘invisible enemy’ amid the COVID-19 pandemic

North Central College’s Adam Kotsko, visiting assistant professor in the Shimer Great Books School was recently quoted in the Associated Press on facing an invisible enemy and fear like the one so many find themselves facing daily amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘invisible enemy’ of the coronavirus is defining the human landscape during in recent months in ways we are only barely beginning to understand. The attitudes and fears that have emerged in the battle against it can be equally unsettling.

While the entire world—its physical well-being, its economy, its people’s livelihoods—continue to be upended by something unseen and aggressive, it is hard not to face a form of disorientation and unease.

“From a visible perspective, nothing’s changed. Very few of us see someone suffering from coronavirus,” said Professor Kotsko. “Society has been thrown into upheaval for no visible, apparent reason.”

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Adam Kotsko