North Central College Dean interviewed by Associated Press

May 04, 2020

Dean Marci Swede weighed in on public spaces post-isolation from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a whirlwind for many across the globe. As Americans begin to re-engage with public life, some question how that might transpire from week-to-week, or day-by-day. North Central College’s Dr. Marci Swede, dean of the School of Education and Health Sciences, spoke with the Associated Press (AP) on public spaces post-isolation.

As isolation ebbs, a similar question confronts Americans repopulating the public places they share. How will these places reshape society—and how will trepidations about a post-isolation world shape them in return?

“You cannot hold the air to yourself. The air is shared,” said Dr. Swede. “’No man is an island’ has no more truth than when we’re talking about the air we’re breathing. And it’s hard to be around other people when you don’t have that sense of trust.”

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Marci Swede