North Central College featured on NBC 5 Chicago

Sep 03, 2020

Dr. Marci J. Swede discussed the College’s COVID-19 protocols amid spikes in cases across the nation

Students at colleges and universities across the country live and study among a global pandemic. While some institutions are just starting to see results of rapid testing on campus, others are struggling to keep their social distancing guidelines afloat. College students who test positive for the coronavirus should quarantine on campus and not be sent to their hometowns, according to one of the country’s leading infectious disease experts.

Dr. Marci J. Swede, dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences at North Central, spoke with NBC 5 Chicago reporter Chris Coffey about the College’s COVID-19 protocols and positivity rate.

“We are beyond impressed with our students,” said Swede. “Everywhere you look, you see students wearing their face coverings and socially distancing in an appropriate way.”

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Marci Swede