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North Central College student publishes op-ed

Oct 26, 2020

Student Shealeigh Voitl shares how Gen Z can save the election by working the polls

As the election season nears a closing, more and more voters are embracing the “new normal” and finding new ways to participate in what has become one of the most contentious presidential races in history. North Central College’s student Shealeigh Voitl shared her view on the topic and published an op-ed in the following publications: Canton Daily Ledger, Effingham Daily NewsAugusta Free Press, The Bryan Times and Nueva Semana

Here is an excerpt from her published piece:

“More importantly, COVID-19 has highlighted our vulnerabilities as a nation and the many things we take for granted. Among them are election workers, 58% of whom were 61 years or older in 2018, an age group that is at greater risk of complications due to COVID-19.

Revall Burke, 60, a Chicago election judge, died of the coronavirus in April after working the polls at Zion Hill Baptist Church the previous month. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker responded to critics, who believed the March primary should be postponed, by saying that eliminating the public’s ability to vote in-person was unconstitutional.

While 16 states and two territories postponed their primaries, Pritzker maintained that attempting to unilaterally cancel in-person voting may set a dangerous precedent.

Pritzker emphasized that local election authorities were supported in their efforts to provide workers with PPE and hand sanitizer but that voters should try to prepare to vote by mail come November if possible.

So it seems that Gen Z has been given a unique opportunity to save the (election) day. Although not invincible, young and otherwise healthy people typically fall into the low-risk category for COVID, making many of them ideal candidates for poll workers.”

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