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North Central College dean interviewed on FOX 32 Chicago

Nov 06, 2020

Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo shared how long Americans might need to wait for election results

As the country anxiously waits for all the votes to be tallied from the Tuesday, November 4 presidential election, many are wondering how long it will be before a winner is announced. Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College, shared his insight into the ballot-counting process in an interview with FOX 32 Chicago.

“Everything is different this time around,” said Dr. Caliendo. “Remember, the states are dealing with a different mass, well volume rather, and they’re dealing with different types of ballots. And add to that the stress of lawsuits, which is always implicit, but now it is being very explicit on the part of the Trump campaign, and all eyes are on them. So, it is hard to patient—with Nevada in particular—because it seems like they have a higher percentage counted than Pennsylvania, which we knew was going to take a number of days to finish counting.”

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