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North Central College professor quoted in U.S. News and World Report

Nov 10, 2020

Dr. Patricia Bayona provides tips on how to learn English

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. More than 1 billion people speak it, about 380 million consider it their native language and many countries make sure young students learn it. There are many advantages to speaking English that surround four focal points: business, study, travel and the arts.

Dr. Patricia Bayona, assistant professor of Spanish at North Central College, was quoted in U.S. News and World Report and shared that people have plenty of options for learning English, regardless of how you hope to use the language.

“It’s ideal to focus on the dialect of the place where you want to live,” said Dr. Bayona.

She shared some tips on navigating the journey of learning English, such as how long it might take to get a beginner or intermediate level and some of the best ways to learn as quickly as possible.

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