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North Central College professor quoted in The New York Times

Nov 12, 2020

Dr. Steve Macek speculated who will be the next host of ‘Jeopardy!’

Devotees of the long-running quiz show are coming up with their own fantasy picks to replace Alex Trebek, who died on Sunday, November 8. A few of the names are predictable. Ken Jennings, the “Jeopardy!” champion who holds the longest winning streak on the show, would be the ideal choice according to fans. Other suggestions are a bit more unusual: Rosie Perez, Joe Rogan and George Stephanopoulos.

Dr. Steve Macek, professor, and chair of the communication at North Central College, was quoted on this topic in The New York Times.

“Ken Jennings serious yet genial demeanor would make him a natural successor to Mr. Trebek,” said Dr. Macek. “Fans would be upset if Trebek were replaced by some colorful or funny personality who upstaged the contestants and the questions. Ken Jennings, the winningest Jeopardy contestant, has to be in contention, and he’d be a good choice.”

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