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Coffee collaboration offers a delicious brew for a cause

Nov 23, 2020

New coffee products roasted and marketed by Enactus will serve to do far more than just energize coffee drinkers 

In a partnership with the Black Students Association (BSA), Enactus is offering coffee lovers a new product called Black Magic. It’s available in two varieties: Ethiopian and an Ethiopian-Guatemalan blend. Both are available for purchase on the Enactus website under the “Roasts for a Cause” tab. Purchases can also be made directly from members of Enactus and BSA.  

The new varieties are roasted on campus with Yirgacheffe coffee beans imported from Ethiopia and coffee beans from Guatemala. Distinctive artwork for the packaging was created by Rola Gòkè-Paríolá ’23.

“As the fight for racial injustice received a major push forward, we here at North Central are looking to do our part,” said Avante Rivers ’22, a sport management major and member of BSA. “Black Magic Coffee is aimed to help boost and build the Black Students Association and black students across campus. We plan to use the profits to award a forthcoming BSA Scholarship.”

The idea was hatched in the Financial Intelligence for Social Entrepreneurship class taught by Jerry Thalmann, associate professor of accounting. “It is also intended to highlight the similarities in discrimination of Black people in the United States with the Maya people in Guatemala,” he said.

The project started with students talking about making money also while pushing for social change as entrepreneurs. The class had a wide range of students from different backgrounds. The BSA members in the class suggested raising money for their association and their classmates decided to run with the idea.  

The BSA has decided to use the funds raised to help a member or prospective member win a scholarship through the program. The Black Magic project will continue in spring semester in Thalmann’s class called Coffee: From Bean to Cup and his Enactus class.

For more about Enactus coffee products, including Black Magic, go to