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North Central College political science professor interviewed on WGN

Jan 19, 2021

Dr. William Muck discussed the certification of the Electoral College results

On January 6, Congress met to formally confirm the results of the presidential election, but more than 100 Republican members of the House and at least 13 GOP senators planned to challenge the election results in six states. Dr. William Muck, professor and chair of the political science department at North Central College, interviewed with WGN where he discussed the political pushback president-elect Joe Biden has received and whether there is any value behind the political fighting.

“Well, it's a great question and you're absolutely right we all know where this is going to end up,” said Dr. Muck. “What we don't know is how long it's going to take and what sort of political theater is going to play out in the process. There are both good and bad things that come could come from this one. I mean we see this is the first time in the history of the country where there is such a direct attack on the democratic process itself. It is extraordinary. I think there are reasons to be troubled by what is happening to the democracy; at the same time, we might see some republicans stand up and say enough is enough, so you know we don't know what the political theater is going to look but I think long-term there this is going to impact our democracy and not necessarily in good ways.”

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Dr. William Muck