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North Central College political science professor interviewed on WGN News

Jan 26, 2021

Dr. William Muck discussed political fallout from Capitol Hill insurrection

Following the Capitol Hill insurrection, many political analysts jumped right in to describe any political fallout that might a arise as a result. Dr. William Muck, professor and chair of the political science department at North Central College, interviewed with WGN news, where he discussed how realistic the odds were of pursuing invoking the 25th amendment or an impeachment.

“Well, I think the 25th amendment is going to come down to Vice President Mike Pence and whether he feels that is in his political interest, because there’s the country’s interest but then politicians always think about their own interest,” said Dr. Muck. “VP Pence might want to run for president again and if he does this to President Trump, he alienates Trump’s base. The challenge with impeachment is time. You know the House can bring impeachment very quickly, but then it has to go to the Senate for the actual hearing. The challenge is getting that done and getting a trial done in a certain period of time before he’s out of office.”

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