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North Central College dean examined SCOTUS decision on Chicago media

Jun 29, 2022

Stephen Maynard Caliendo provided analysis on SCOTUS decision and the question of church v. state

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled 6-3 in support of a high school football coach who knelt on the 50-yard line and prayed after games, paving the way for a new landscape concerning the role of religion in public schools.

The court’s conservative majority sided with Joseph Kennedy and against the Bremerton School District in Seattle, agreeing that the coach’s First Amendment rights were violated when the district placed him on leave for violating a policy prohibiting staff from encouraging students to engage in prayer.

Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College, interviewed with media outlets, where he provided analysis on this most recent SCOTUS decision.

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