Pursuing a passion for nutrition science

Student-veteran Corey Gustafik ’24 aims to help others as a dietitian

Dec 13, 2023

Corey Gustafik
Corey Gustafik

Corey Gustafik ’24 is a student-veteran whose service in the military helped inspire his career path now that he’s a civilian. As a health science major at North Central, he is an aspiring dietitian who hopes to continue serving others.

Gustafik first learned about North Central College while visiting Naperville. After dining in the downtown area, he went for a walk and discovered North Central’s campus. He decided to apply.   

Gustafik appreciates the small class sizes and welcoming atmosphere on campus. As a student-veteran, he doesn’t consider himself a traditional college student. Nevertheless, he said, “When I come to campus, it’s an open and warm community.” 

Originally from Joliet, Ill., Gustafik served in the U.S. Army for six years. Through his experience in the military, he gained exposure to different kinds of nutrition and fitness practices around the world — a perspective that influences his goal to pursue nutrition science today.   
His first inspiration, however, was closer to home. Gustafik helped his father, who’d been diagnosed with diabetes, through the process of adapting to new diet and lifestyle changes. His guidance led to success. That’s when Gustafik knew he wanted to become a dietitian: so he could continue helping others.   
“Obviously, I can’t change the world, but I can change small amounts,” he said. “Having the personal motivation from helping a family member, as well as traveling all over the world and seeing the different nutrition and fitness practices — that's what inspires me to pursue a career as a dietitian.”

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