A Full Plate

At North Central, Joshua Dorr ’25 has been able to balance sports, science and service

Apr 03, 2024

Joshua Dorr
Joshua Dorr

Joshua Dorr ‘25 chose to attend North Central because he wanted to be part of the men’s wrestling team. During the recruiting process, he could see that the North Central coaching staff was not only passionate about the sport of wrestling; they were just as passionate about helping him be the best version of himself. Since arriving on campus, Dorr has found that faculty, too, are committed to his success, pushing him to think and learn in different ways. A nutrition science major, Dorr balances being a student-athlete with participating in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) program as preparation for serving in the U.S. Army. 

What sparked your interest in nutrition science? 
Throughout middle and high school, the hard weight cuts for wrestling had me constantly looking for supplements and ways to lose weight while still eating whatever I wanted. Through that process, I found the beauty that food contains — small molecules, micro and macronutrients that, when put into the body, can affect us in numerous ways. So far, my favorite course has been Food Science Principles, a cooking lab. We explored what happens when you cook something and how it changes the food nutritionally.

What led to your decision to participate in ROTC? 

I have an older brother who enlisted in the Army after high school, and my best friend's brother was in ROTC in college. I could see how the Army was a place where if you work hard, put in the work, and strive to be the best version of yourself, you’ll reap the benefits — similar to wrestling. Last fall, I was awarded a National Army ROTC Scholarship, which covers three years of college tuition and fees.

What do you hope to do after graduation? 

I plan to attend graduate school to earn a master’s in nutrition and dietetics and become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). In the military, I can be an Army Dietitian Officer as part of the Army Medical Specialties Corps working with soldiers and giving them the best nutritional advice and guidance. 

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