Lederman and Community Scholars

Lederman Scholars

This is a prestigious program for high school students at the top of his or her class

North Central College represents an opportunity to earn a year or more of college credit while you continue to attend your high school or be home-schooled. You will pursue a rigorous college curriculum among your peers and traditional-aged college students. As an academically gifted high school student, you can:

  • Attend college courses in mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, economics, foreign language and many other disciplines all taught by North Central faculty.
  • Earn up to two years of transferable college credit while attending high school.
  • Transfer course credits to colleges and universities across the country.

Dr. Richard Wilders, Marie and Bernice Gantzert Professor in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Mathematics, serves as academic advisor to all Lederman Scholars. He works with you, your parents and high school counselors to create the appropriate program of study. We encourage you to contact Dr. Wilders at 630-637-5234 or rjwilders@noctrl.edu with any questions.

Community Scholars

Since 1986, North Central College has offered academically gifted high school students the opportunity to enrich their educational experience by enrolling in college credit courses. The program is designed for highly motivated students who wish to continue studies in an area or to explore areas of study not available at their high school. For example, students who complete advanced placement (AP) courses with a test score of 3.0 or better prior to their senior year might want to continue their studies with an appropriate North Central College course. 

Students enrolled in the program earn regular college credits and grades which are reflected on a North Central College transcript. Since North Central is fully accredited, these credits are generally fully transferable to colleges and universities across the country.

As with all North Central College students, Community Scholars have a faculty advisor to assist them in choosing courses that meet their needs and abilities. Dr. Richard Wilders, Marie and Bernice Gantzert Professor in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Mathematics, serves as the faculty advisor for Community Scholars. Dr. Wilders has served as director of the program since its inception. You can contact him at rjwilders@noctrl.edu or 630-637-5234. You can begin your course selection process by visiting search for sections.

Community Scholars may enroll in any course for which they are qualified at the rate of $175 per credit hour. A typical course is 3 credit hours. This rate is less than one-fourth of our normal rate for nondegree candidates.

How Do I Apply? 

Students must obtain permission from their high school guidance counselor as well as a parent/guardian. For admission as a Community Scholar, the counselor must certify that the applicant is in the top 10 percent her/his high school class. Since many classes fill up well before school begins, early application and course choice is advisable. 

Apply here or email Dr. Richard Wilders, professor of mathematics, for a paper application form.