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Photography, Video, and Media Policy

The College captures video and photography to serve two primary purposes: 

1) to capture and share the North Central College experience with the College’s many constituents and

2) to document the life of the College for our archives. Staff, students and third-party vendors working in or for Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC), or other areas of the College, may take photos and audio or video recordings to be used for promotional purposes in College publications, advertising, marketing materials, brochures, event flyers, official social media channels (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites operated by the College), and the North Central College website.

North Central College Students

Information regarding North Central College’s photography and video policy as it relates to enrolled students can be found in the Student Handbook. Photographs and video taken for the College’s purposes (stated above) is information that the College does not consider to be harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, and may be disclosed to third parties without a student’s written consent. If a student does not wish to have their likeness captured in photographs or videos, they must visit the Registrar’s Office, and submit a written request. 

If a student submits such a request, the College will make a reasonable effort to honor that individual’s request after the request is submitted, but cannot guarantee that the student will not be photographed. Individuals who submit such a request are also responsible for removing themselves from areas in which photography and/or recording is taking place, or notifying the camera operator. Failure to do so may result in that individual’s inclusion in a photograph or recording which shall be treated as consent for the College to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly. 

Students who submit photos and/or videos to OMC for use in projects to promote the College, by the act of submission, also give their permission for the College to use this material in other College related promotional projects.

Campuswide Events

North Central College hosts many campuswide events throughout the year. Examples of such events are Admission Visit Days, Homecoming and Family weekends, Fine Arts events and sporting events. By attending such events, all persons of legal age give implied consent to have their likeness used in any photography or video. If an individual does not want their likeness captured, it is their responsibility to notify the camera operator or remove themselves from the area being photographed/recorded. North Central College shall reasonably attempt to honor the request after it is submitted. Failure to do so will be treated as consent for the College to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly.


There are many events hosted at the College where photos and video are being captured and where minors may be present. Examples of such events are Summer Camps, Visit Days, Homecoming and Family weekends, sporting events and Fine Arts events. The College must obtain a written consent form from the minor’s legal guardian before using any video or photograph where a minor’s likeness is clearly recognizable and identifiable. If a minor is part of a crowd, is not the focus of the photo, or is not immediately recognizable, no consent is needed.

Credentialing Policy for External Media

North Central College is a private, independent and comprehensive college of the liberal arts and sciences located in Naperville, Ill. The campus is private property. College officials will provide access to campus activities and events only to qualified media representatives. College officials reserve the right to accompany reporters, videographers and photographers during media interviews with students, faculty and staff. Members of the media and/or media agencies intending to visit campus must contact the Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC) at 630-637-5300 to receive a College media credential. Media agencies can include, but are not limited to, daily and weekly online and print publications, cable systems, internet provider, radio and television stations or networks. A campus press pass will be provided by OMC to an individual who represents, or is one acting on a specific assignment for, an accredited media agency. Membership in a writers or broadcasters association does not automatically qualify an individual for media credentials. An individual holding a media credential is subject to removal from College owned or controlled property by College officials and/or Campus Safety for violating media polices. The credential is not transferable and may be revoked at any time without cause. Reporters granted a College media credential must be properly credentialed at all times while on campus property. In some cases, Campus Safety may be notified in the event cameras and other photography equipment are used. College event coordinators, as well as students, faculty and staff hosting an activity or event on campus will, through this Photography, Video/Media Policy, be notified of media inquiries, and all reserve the right to decline the presence of media at their campus events. There may be occasions where OMC may not be aware of a media representative’s presence on campus. If faculty, staff and students are approached by a reporter or media agency directly, please contact OMC at 630-637-5300, regarding any concerns or questions.

College Affiliated Photographers and Videographers

There are many instances when OMC or other areas of the College will engage photographers and/or videographers to record College events or other projects to promote the College. In these instances, all photographers and videographers will be appropriately credentialed, or accompanied by a member of OMC, while on campus. It is the College's policy to restrict use of any photograph or video to the representation, marketing, or promotion of North Central College only. The College does allow limited use of photo or video with the approval of both the College and photographers. Please contact OMC at omc@noctrl.edu or 630-637-5300 for further inquiries.

Non-College Affiliated Photographers

North Central College’s campus is the perfect backdrop for a family photo or engagement/wedding photography session. If you are employing a non-College affiliated photographer for a photo session on campus, a completed Photography Permit request form, copy of the photographer’s certificate of insurance and $25 fee (if applicable) must be sent to OMC at omc@noctrl.edu and is required no less than three (3) days prior to the requested photography date. Completion of the Photography Permit request form and submission of the required materials does not guarantee permission to use the College’s campus. A Photography Permit will be issued from OMC once the Photography Permit request form has been processed. Please see the Photography Permit request form for all of the rules, regulations and guidelines.

Speaker Release Policy

All speakers are requested to grant North Central College permission to video and/or audio record presentations for future distribution. North Central College will retain copyright to the presentation, and may use or distribute all or portions of the presentation for educational purposes in any form of electronic, web, print media, etc., following the presentation. North Central College will acknowledge the speaker as the author and presenter each time the presentation is distributed.