Psychology and Neuroscience

Daniel VanHorn

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Faculty Athletic Respresentative


+1 630 637 5327

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Dr. Daniel “Rocky” VanHorn is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at North Central College. He regularly teaches courses in statistics, research methods, and cognitive psychology. He has an active research laboratory where undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in the scholarship of discovery. Collaboration, verbal communication, critical and scientific thinking, and effective writing are central to all of his courses. In addition to teaching, he actively serves the college in the areas of faculty evaluation and development.

Selected Scholarship

VanHorn, D. R. (2020). Adaptive psychological distance: A survival perceived temporal distance effect.  Evolutionary Psychology, 18(3), 1-7. doi:10.1177/1474704920948785

VanHorn, D. R. (2014). Fantasy researcher league: Engaging students in psychological research. In W. S. Altman, L. Stein, & J. R. Stowell (Eds.), Essays from excellence in teaching, 13, 55-59. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology Website:

Brady, S. P., Baumgartner, N. W., Eby, S. R., & VanHorn, D. R. (2013). Mood-congruent recall in autobiographically induced emotional states. Proceedings of the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. Retrieved from (Role: Co-Investigator and Research Advisor)

Pederson, C. L., VanHorn, D. R., Wilson, J. F., Martorano, L. M., Venema, J. M., & Kennedy, S. M. (2008). Childhood abuse related to nicotine, illicit and prescription drug use by women: Pilot study. Psychological Reports, 103, 459-466

Francis, G., Neath, I, & VanHorn, D. (2008). CogLab (Cognitive Psychology Online Laboratory) 2.0 on a CD, Belmont: Thomson Wadsworth

VanHorn, D. R., & Francis, G. (2007). Orientation tuning of a two-stimulus afterimage: Implications for theories of filling-in. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 3, 375-387.

Courses Taught

PSYC 100: Psychology - Science of Behavior

PSYC 250: Statistics

PSYC 255: Research Design and Experimentation w/Lab

PSYC 345: Cognitive Psychology w/Lab

PSYC 490: Illusions of the Mind

Cardinal Conversations: Exploring the Intersection of Visual Art and Visual Science