Academic Affairs

Eric Shuman

Experiential Learning Coordinator


I joined North Central College as an adjunct instructor in the Modern and Classical Languages department in the Spring of 2016. Since then, I have had the good fortune to work with hundreds of great students in MCL and the Religious Studies department before finally becoming an Academic Advisor over Winter Break of 2018/19.

Prior to North Central, I worked as a Registration volunteer at the Field Museum of Natural History in the anthropology collections. In my professional career, I've led nightly observatory tours at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, giving crash courses in Astronomy 101 while operating the world's largest telescope dedicated to public outreach (the 800 mm Schulman Telescope); I taught Classics and Art History/History classes at the University of Colorado as a graduate student; and my first job after college was collecting crickets in California with an evolutionary biologist.

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Courses Taught

CLS 250, REL 100