Frank Harwath

Professor of Engineering, Director of Engineering Program, Chairperson, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


+1 630 637 5173

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Frank Harwath spent over 3 decades working in industry designing and developing products and processes. As an entrepreneur, he started 3 companies and ran an independent consulting firm for 13 years. During his career he has accumulated 96 patents, and designed products used in high performance computers, graphics hardware, cell phones, fiber optics, and sporting goods. 

Selected Scholarship

A Self-Assembling Nano-Structured Ceramic/Polymer Composite Film for Electronic Interconnections

ASM International

Real World Considerations Affecting Net Gravimetric and Volumetric Energy Densities in Secondary Lithium Batteries

Metrics: The Cornerstone of Science

Journal for Success in High-Need Schools

High quality MgO film grown at high rate by low temperature conformal CVD

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films

Courses Taught

ENGR 100 Intro to Engineering

ENGR 110 The Engineering Method

ENGR 120 Engineering Calculations

ELEC 150 Intro to Electrical Engineering

MECH 210 Materials Science & Engineering

ELEC 300 Electromechanics I

MECH 320 Mechanical Design II

ENGR 400 Independent Project I

ENGR 431 Industrial Metrology and Statistics

ENGR 450 Capstone I

ENGR 451 Capstone II

ENGR 480 Failure Analysis