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Gerald Thalmann

Associate Professor of Accounting


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Jerry Thalmann came to North Central College in 1996 after working in the private sector of accounting and teaching at another institution.  Since joining North Central College, his teaching emphasis has been managerial and cost accounting, integrating service learning projects. Projects in classes include cost  analysis for sustainability endeavors as well as competing in international markets for coffee and crafts.  The primary focus of his professional development has been in the area of service learning, where course work converges with co-curricular activities.

In addition to his teaching accounting, Thalmann has been an advisor to our award winning Enactus team since 2000, where his passion has been working with entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities as they strive to become more competitive in the world markets.  In 2004 the Enactus team entered a relationship with an association of coffee farmers from San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.  The farmers were searching for ways to overcome obstacles they faced in competing in the global market place.  These interdisciplinary projects require students to take a holistic view as they consider the entire value chain from suppliers to customers based on trust, relationships and cultures.  Work to support these projects is integrated into Managerial and Cost Accounting classes, as well as the Interdisciplinary Studies class that Thalmann teaches, entitled Coffee.

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Accounting Principles

Cost Accounting

Advanced Accounting