Judy Walters

Associate Professor of Computer Science Emerita





 I came to Chicago from Oklahoma in 1964 to attend college at the U. of Chicago, and loved the city so much I decided to stay in the area.  After three years at the U. of Chicago and one year at the U. of Iowa (where I followed my husband as he worked on his master's degree) I earned a B.A. in French. I had planned to be a math major, but the math at the U. of Chicago was too theoretical for me. I loved math for what one could DO with it. I should have been at an Engineering school, but the U. of Chicago did not include that. Thus I just took whatever courses interested me, a real eclectic mix, which I have never regretted. Arriving in Iowa, I found the only area I had enough coursework in to graduate in just one more year was French. So voila, I became a French major.

After college I began teaching for the Chicago Board of Education. During the summers I traveled with my husband, read, viewed dozens of--mainly foreign--films, and studied whatever interested me. One summer I discovered computer programming. I loved it and found I was good at it, as this really is applied math. Thus, after eight years of teaching, I went back to college and spent an intensive year studying computer science (CS) and programming, after which I took an industry job working in computer support and also did part time teaching in CS for the National College of Education, now part of National Lewis University.

A few years later I began graduate work in CS at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), while also teachng undergraduate courses there. I ultimately earned a Master's degree plus 60 hours toward a Ph.D. I joined the North Central College CS department fall, 1983, and love this college so much I am still here. I officially retired from full time faculty status in June of 2015, but continue to teach here on a half-time basis.

Selected Scholarship

Starting Out With C++: Early Objects, 8th ed. (& earlier editions), Gaddis, Walters & Muganda, Addison-Wesley/Pearson, 2014.

Courses Taught

CSC 160 ~ Computer Science I

CSC 161 ~ Computer Science II

CSC 210 ~ Data Struc.&Algorithms

CSC 230 ~ Discrete Structures

CSC 453/553 ~ Systems Analysis

ENG 125 ~ Comp. & Film Studies