Jon F Mueller

Professor of Psychology; Faculty Fellow-CAFE

Psychology and Neuroscience


+1 630 637 5329

Jon Mueller, Ph.D., grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  He moved to the Midwest to attend college, and has been here ever since.  Jon loves teaching and mentoring students, and he loves participating in an academic community.

Jon is the author of the freely available online text, Authentic Assessment Toolbox (see link below), a how-to guide for creating effective assessments, rubrics, and portfolios for evaluating student work.  He also authored the text, Assessing Critical Skills.  Jon has consulted on student assessment topics for more than 25 years in the U.S. and Canada at the K-12 and post-secondary  levels.  Jon has also authored a few other educational websites including Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology (see link below), which contains more than 6000 links to resources for instructors.

Selected Scholarship

Mueller, J. Authentic Assessment Toolbox.

Mueller, J. Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology.

Mueller, J. (2009). Assessing Critical Skills. Linworth Publishing: Columbus, OH.

Mueller, J., & Coon, H. (2013). Undergraduates’ ability to recognize correlational and causal language before and after explicit instruction. Teaching of Psychology, 40, 288-293.

Courses Taught

PSY 100: Psychology: Science of Behavior

PSY 205: Educational Psychology

PSY 240: Social Psychology

PSY 490: Stereotyping and Prejudice

PSY 490: Psychology of Helping

EDN 501: Assessment Strategies for the Classroom