John Shindler

Professor of English, Emeritus



+1 630 637 5287

Originally hired in 1981 to develop a program for teaching English as a Second Language, Jack Shindler served as chair of the English Department and the Division of Arts and Letters before becoming director and founder of the Office of International Programs in 1994.  His scholarship and research interests have been primarily focused on the pedagogy of international education, moving from his work in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) to his more recent series of presentations at NAFSA (Association for International Educators). His primary academic interests remain in globalizing the undergraduate curriculum, as well as teaching courses in writing and linguistics. He completed a second master's degree in TESOL from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 1987. In his work as director of  the Office of International Programs-- recently renamed the Center for Global Education--Professor Shindler has developed, written, and managed three major grants designed to develop and expand the global dimensions of the College's curriculum. Most recently, he wrote the final application that resulted in the College's being given the Senator Paul Simon Comprehensive  Campus Internationalization Award in 2015. 

Selected Scholarship

"Literature and Composition: A Proposal for a Freshman Humanities Program," 1979 Proceedings of Conference of College Teachers of English of Texas, September 1979.

Inner Journeys: Readings for Composition (co-editor), Texas Southern University, 1980

"On Looking into a Freshman's Homer: The Odyssey as Side Adventure in the Composition Class," 1981 Proceeedings of Conference of College Teachers of English of Texas, 1981.

"Fostering Intercultural Communication and Understanding on the College Campus" in Essays on Integrating Professional and Liberal Studies, North Central College, 1994.

"Globalizing the Curriculum at North Central College." Title VIA Grant, U.S. Department of Education, 1997-99.

Courses Taught

English as a Second Language

First-Year Writing


Language and Linguistics

Seminar: Study Abroad