Academic Affairs

Laura Lohman

Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Innovation and Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE) and Professor of Music


+1 630 637 5313

Laura Lohman is Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Innovation, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence, and Professor of Music at North Central College. She supports individual faculty members and organizations in maximizing their potential by leveraging organizational development, instructional design, human resources, faculty affairs, and systems thinking perspectives. She draws on 17 years of experience as a faculty member and administrator in faculty development and faculty affairs, as well as experience in instructional design, assessment writing, and the design, development, facilitation, and quality review of online courses. 

As Assistant Provost, she serves as a critical resource for college-wide initiatives by strategizing organizational development to support faculty and student success, executes faculty awards and recognition programs, guides policy and manages administrative functions for sabbatical and professional semester programs in collaboration with the Faculty Development and Recognition Committee, and contributes to a vision and strategy for faculty recruitment, retention, and success, including tenure and promotion initiatives. She provides leadership for the integration of technology to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning and increase the number of high-quality blended and online courses, oversees the Instructional Design Unit, and works collaboratively with the Director of Sponsored Research and Programs to assist faculty in their pursuit of external grants and fellowships. 

As Director of the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence, she provides leadership, creative vision, and technical expertise to provide institution-wide, comprehensive faculty development across all career stages. This includes refining a wide array of integrated professional development opportunities for faculty in teaching, scholarship/creative work, citizenship and campus leadership, and student mentorship. Other essential components of her work in leading CAFE include promoting connections between evidence-based best pedagogical practices and student engagement, learning, and success; collaborating with Faculty Fellows and Faculty Associates in developing CAFE's programming; assessing the effectiveness of the CAFE's programs; and annually shaping new faculty orientation and the New Faculty Academy to best support North Central College's newest faculty members.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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