Nancy Peterson

Professor of Chemistry



+1 630 637 5184


      Postdoctoral Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine:  1992-1994

            Advisor:  Dr. Kimon J. Angelides

            Project:  "Sorting of GABAA Receptors in MDCK and Nerve Cells"


       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN:  1986-1992

            Advisor:  Dr. James F. Koerner

            Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry, January 1992

               "Characterization of the l-2-Amino-4-phosphonobutanoic Acid (l-AP4) Receptor Using Conformationally Constrained Analogues of AP4"

            Master of Science, April 1989

               "Assay of Natural Toxins for Inhibition of Excitatory Synaptic Transmission"


      Concordia College, Moorhead, MN:  1982-1986

            Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry, May 1986


Teaching Experience

      Professor, North Central College, 2006-present

      Associate Professor, North Central College, 2000-2006

      Assistant Professor, North Central College, 1994-2000

Selected Scholarship

Chase, L. A., Peterson, N. L., and Koerner, N. L.  The Lathyrus toxin, ß-N-oxalyl-L-a,ß-diaminoproprionic acid (ODAP), and homocysteic acid sensitize CA1 pyramidal neurons to cystine and L-2-amino-6-phosphohexanoic acid.  Toxicol. and Appl. Pharmacol.  (2007) 219:1-9.

Peterson, N. L.  Neurotoxin found in the freshwater bryozoan Lophopodella carteri.  In  Bryozoan Studies. ed. W. Jackson, Buttler, Jones.  Swets & Zeitlinger, Lisse. (2002) 257-260.

*Hamning, V. K., Yanites, H. L. and Peterson, N. L.  Characterization of Adhesive and Neurotoxic Components in Skin Granular Gland Secretions of Ambystoma tigrinum. Copeia (2000) 2000:856-859.

Courses Taught

CHM 141: General Chemistry 1

BCM 365: Biochemistry 1

BCM 465: Advanced Biochemistry

BCM 140: Nutrition

SCI 210: Landmarks in Science