Patricia Bayona

Assistant Professor of Spanish, MCL



Patricia Bayona is an Assistant Professor of Spanish, with research interests in Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching, and TESOL.

Originally from Colombia, Professor Bayona has a Professional degree in Modern Languages from La Universidad de Los Andes, followed by a Master's degree in Spanish Linguistics and a PhD in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Third Language, both from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Her teaching experience covers ESL and FSL settings in Canada, the United States, and Colombia; and Spanish and English immersion settings in the United States and Colombia.

Professor Bayona's research portfolio includes scholarly research in the acquisition of Spanish by adults in the U.S. and in Canada as well as academic research in the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Sociolinguistics of Spanish, and Spanish Linguistics. At North Central she coordinates the Elementary Spanish courses, teaches Spanish, Linguistics, and is a teacher educator in the areas of foreign languages and TESOL.

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Selected Scholarship

Implementing Usage-Based Instruction of Spanish. In cooperation with Dr. Serafima Gettys, Director of the Foreign Language Program, Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois. Plenary session at ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo, Nov. 2014

Bayona, P. (2009). The Acquisition of Spanish Middle and Impersonal Passive Constructions from L2 and L3 Perspectives. In: Third Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar. Second Language Acquisition Series. David Singleton Ed. Multilingual Matters: 1-29. ISBN: 978-1-84769-131-6

Bayona, P. (2009) Crosslinguistic Influences in the Acquisition of Spanish L3. Doctoral Dissertation. The University of Western Ontario. Canada. 229 pages. ISBN: 978-0- 49454-268-2

Bayona, P. (2007). Sociolinguistic Competences in the Use of Colombian Pronouns of Address. Conference Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association, held at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, May 2006. Milica Radisic and Claire Gurski ED. University of York, Toronto, Ontario.

Bayona, P. (2017, February). Rediscovering Teacher Training with EdTPA. Tenth International Conference on Language Teacher Education. University of California, Los Angeles.: National Heritage Language Resource Center. 

Bayona, P., Gettys, S., & Rodriguez, R. (2016, September). Usage-Based Model and its Successful Implementation in L2 Instruction: One program experience. Second Language Research Forum (SLRF). Teacher's College. New York, USA: Second Language Research Forum. 

Bayona, P. (2015, June). Teaching Assistant Workshop. StartTalk, Chinese Program. North Central College: StartTalk.

Bayona, P. (2014, November). Plenary Presentation: Teaching for Oral Proficiency and Fluency: Usage-Based Instruction (UBI). 2014 Annual Convention of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). San Antonio, TX: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Courses Taught

Foreign Languages Theories and Methods (MCL380; MCL 382; EDN342; EDN383)

Elementary Spanish (SPN 101; SPN 102; SPN 103; SPN 210)

Spanish Composition and Conversation (SPN 250)

Hispanic Linguistics (SPN 390)

Language and Linguistics (ENG 370; MCL 390)

Multilingüismo y Español. (MCL 391)