Richard Guzman

Professor of English Emeritus



+1 630 637 5280

Richard R. Guzman has published essays, poetry, music, and books, a recent one being Black Writing from Chicago. His first book, Voices and Freedoms: A History of Jazz, was made into a nationally syndicated radio series. He teaches courses on literature, writing, leadership and social change, diversity, music, film, and urban/suburban studies, and led in establishing the college's honors program, its cultural events program, and masters programs in liberal studies, social entrepreneurship, and others. He has won several awards for outstanding teaching and leadership. He wrote the diversity plan for Naperville's 203 school district and is involved in organizations such as Bryan House and Emmanuel House. Started by son and daughter-in-law Rick and Desiree in memory of Dr. Guzman's youngest son Bryan Emmanuel (1985-2006), these organizations focus on lifting the working poor out of poverty.  Please visit his website at: