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I started teaching computer science at the University of Iowa when I was 25 years old. Over the years I have taught over 35 different classes. While I was still at the UI, I created a computer assisted instruction (CAI) authoring and delivery package that was deployed nation-wide in many of the largest K-12 schools in the country. To support the system, I created the first Apple-based networked instructional management system in the country. My software supported graphics, animation and audio at a time when multimedia was in its infancy. This experience instilled a life long passion for multimedia. I wrote my first video game in 1978.

I am the president of Argos Consulting, a private company that I started in 1979 to do computer software design and development. The company has done contract work for some of the country's largest corporations, including Microsoft, Albertsons, and Jewell/Osco as well as developing software to support research at Universities.

In the mid 80s I left teaching briefly to become the director of a Consortium that provided the computing resources for 3 Colleges (Coe, Cornell and Mount Mercy). This position convinced me that I didn't want to be an administrator, so I returned to my true love, teaching and I've been doing it ever since. In addition to computer science, I also have degrees in statistics, instructional design and administration.

In the last 10 years, I have developed an interest in international travel. I have taken study abroad groups to China, Japan, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, London and Oxford.

Selected Scholarship



  • Factors Affecting Academic Success in Introductory Computer Programming, Univ. Mchigan International, Ann Arbor, 1987.
  • The Micro Connection: A Bilingual Educators Guide to Microcomputers and Instructional Technology, Stolurow, Renk and Cubillos, NCMACD Press, Iowa City, IA, 1984.


  • Compman_I, CEEDE 1982, Revised 1983. A computer management system for tracking and routing students through computer based materials. Provides local area networking capabilities for educational laboratory settings.
  • What Are the Chances? - An Introduction to Probability, CEEDE 1982. A collection of beginning statistics lessons featuring graphics and animation.
  • ATAS, CEEDE 1982. An automated test generation authoring aid and item banking system that stores and retrieves test items coded by objectives. Formats and prints test, quizzes and study guides.
  • The Spelling Bee, CEEDE 1981. A drill and practice spelling program featuring user definable computer generated digital audio.
  • The One Armed Bandit, CEEDE 1981. A gaming simulation in elementary mathematics featuring drill and practice.
  • Electric Math Paper, CEEDE 1981. An elementary mathematics drill and practice module teaching the mechanics of arithmetic.
  • MACDS/MACAS, CEEDE 1980, Revised 1983. The first commercial LAN based authoring and management system in the world created for the Apple platform. A complete authoring and delivery system for the development of computer-assisted instructional modules. Supports graphics, animation, content delivery and intelligent branching running on a local area network.

Thompson Learning Press,
Journal of Teacher Education,
College Mathematics Journal,
John Wiley & Sons, Computer Science Division


  • Founding member of the Illinois Higher Education Computer Science Articulation Panel  - This panel is responsible for reviewing and approving the computer science curriculums of all of the colleges and universities in Illinois for intra-institution transfer.
  • Admissions panel, Illinois Math & Science Academy Admissions Committee -  20 year member of the application screening panel.
  • Over 35 national and international presentations at conferences.