Silvia Goldman

Assistant Professor of Spanish




Silvia Goldman, a native from Uruguay, received her PhD in Hispanic Studies from Brown University in 2011. She is currently revising her dissertation, entitled Beyond Interdiction: Poetry and the Recovery of the Word in Post-Dictatorship South America (1980-2005), into a book manuscript which explores the legacies and consequences of violence and repression in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Peru. Her research focuses on the analysis of contemporary poetic discourses that challenge the binary logic of patriarchal and nationalistic rhetoric inherited from these countries’ dictatorial regimes.

She teaches all levels of Spanish language, literature, and culture. During her time at North Central College she has taught a wide range of courses on topics such as Memory and Post-Memory in Post-Dictatorship Southern Cone, Representations of Madness in the Hispanic tradition, Contemporary Latin American Poetry, and Spanish in the Professions.

Silvia is also a poet. Her academic journals and poems have been published in journals such as Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, Rassegna Iberistica, RILCE, Maldoror: Revista de la ciudad de Montevideo, TriQuarterly, and Revista de escritura y poéticas 7 de 7. She is the author of the book of poems Cinco movimientos del llanto (Hermes criollo, 2008)


Selected Scholarship

Symbol de Róger Santiváñez: la letra que sobra es la letra que falta.” Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos 37 (2013) 481-500

“Cuatro exégesis de El cuarto mundo.” Diamela Eltit: redes locales, redes globales. Ed. Rubí Carreño Bolívar. Madrid: Iberoamericana /Vervuert, 2009. 147-154.

“Alonso Quijano o el relativismo inmutable.” RILCE 24.2 (2008): 323-337.  

 “Jaime Gil de Biedma: la metáfora y la identidad desplazada.” Rassegna Iberistica  86 (2007) 31-42.

Courses Taught

Spanish 102, 102, 103

Spanish 202

Spanish 310 (Advanced Conversation and Composition)

Topics 390 (Steps and Affects: Memory and Post-Memory in Post-Dictatorship Southern Cone)

Topics 390 (Survey of Contemporary Latin American Poetry)

Spanish 490 (Meditations on Madness in the Hispanic Tradition)